Hybrid Cloud Management Software for your business.

Streamline your use of all types of cloud.

Abiquo summary

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Get control of:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ElasticHosts
  • DigitalOcean
  • Google Compute Engine
  • HP Public Cloud
  • Rackspace US
  • New! SoftLayer
  • New! CloudSigma

  • VMware ESX
  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • Oracle VM
  • Citrix Xen Server
  • New! Docker

Trusted by 3500+ companies – uniting public and private clouds

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Unite your clouds

Create true hybrid clouds with one platform

Deliver a blended, true hybrid cloud service to your customers and departments
Add Docker hosts to your cloud with full multi-tenant network, security and control
Offer public clouds as part of your service catalogue, just like anyCloud
Control Shadow IT with public cloud credential and template management
Fully multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-brand
Hypervisor, storage and network agnostic – no vendor lock-in
Supports VMware ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VM, Xen Server

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Build hybrid cloud into your business strategy

Get control of all your internal and external cloud resources

Manage access to your hybrid cloud with Abiquo’s policy controls
Set up limits to help control your spend and manage infrastructure growth
Implement integrated reporting and BI to give you the visibility into usage and audit user activities
Set up Abiquo’s flexible metering policies to bill your customers with your own pricing policies
Integrate to order management and approval systems with workflow automation
All Abiquo features are available for public clouds, private clouds and Docker

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Automate everything through our API

One integration point for all your cloud infrastructure, whether it’s private, public or hybrid

Integrate your own back-office systems to your Abiquo cloud with our RESTful APIs
Automate tasks such as user, network and VM provisioning
Billing integration and plug-ins connect to your billing system
Outbound APIs send data and triggers to any system, such as CRM, CMDB and ticket systems
Create a true DevOps environment spanning all your cloud and Docker resources

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Expand and monetise services

More than building a cloud – creating a business opportunity, fast!

Build an on-premise or true hybrid IAAS service with Abiquo in a few days, then layer managed services such as application support, backup and monitoring
Detailed metering of resource usage by customer and infrastructure component
Create your own app library and meter image template usage
Deploy Abiquo Reporting and integrate to your sales and CRM systems
Gain insight into customers usage and identify revenue opportunities
Add Docker hosts to deliver a unique blend of services to your customers

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Abiquo anyCloud – try Abiquo free with public clouds!

Make the public cloud Enterprise-Ready

An online service – just sign up and go!
Get visibility into your Amazon, Azure, ElasticHosts, Rackspace, Google Compute, Cloudsigma, HP Cloud and DigitalOcean clouds
Monitor and compare the performance of your Virtual Machines
Manage cloud sprawl with integrated workflow
Standardise on a set of approved VM templates for your dev teams
Easy to use Chef integration for ALL cloud providers
Full audit trail so you can see who did what, and when
Upgrade to our on-premise solution and manage hybrid clouds too
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Recent news and blog posts

News and articles from the Abiquo team

Download White Papers and Research

Abiquo’s white papers and independent research documents give you insight into the opportunities and challenges of public, private and hybrid cloud services, together with information about how Abiquo can help you take your business forward.
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