Feature Highlights – Abiquo 2.6

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Abiquo releases Amazon support, user-driven backups and back office integration

Abiquo launched the latest version of its award-winning software in September 2013. Commended for its increased usability, functionality, ability to deeply integrate to back-office system and new public cloud management, this is Abiquo’s most significant release to date. Read below for more information about how Abiquo v2.6 can benefit your business.

Exploiting Amazon EC2

Service providers are looking to respond and compete with Amazons insatiable growth and dominance in the cloud market. Gartner estimates that Amazon is 5x larger than its nearest 14 competitors combined.

Why not look to help those enterprises that are already using Amazon get more control, insight and efficiency out of those services? Help them align usage controls with their existing internal IT policies, manage their public and private cloud resources from one place, simplify the management of multiple accounts and place the right ‘workload’ into the right ‘cloud’?


The power to create rich storage and backup solutions

Abiquo v2.6 has a number of new enhancements to help Service Providers widen the storage solutions available to them. This capability helps improve margins and also offer new routes to market by empowering the Service Provider to create new service level tiers.

Abiquo now provides NFS support for external storage and ensures that less expensive storage options become available to Service Providers who can now combine NFS storage with their iSCSI tiers to provide even more customer choice. In addition, Abiquo v2.6 supports ANY hypervisor data store that the hypervisor works with.

Abiquo’s new backup feature, driven by customer demand, enables Service Providers to simplify and offer more self service functionality around backup solutions and services by delivering a consistent, simple, user interface for users to set backup schedules – no matter what the underlying technology.

Deeper integration into your business

Abiquo v2.6 includes support for 2 additional hypervisors; Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and Oracle VM V3.2.1. Service Providers can now widen their service offerings and obtain the licensing benefits of running your applications on top of Microsoft or Oracle platforms.

Abiquo’s powerful API already provides options for the Service Provider, v2.6 creates additional automation/integration opportunities and enables Service providers to integrate additional processes, technologies and services around the Abiquo platform.

Abiquo v2.6 also provides simple workflow out-of-the-box that allows Cloud Administrators to integrate with external workflow systems. This could simply be a request/approval email, or something more sophisticated such as an order management/approval system.

ms and oracle 2

Manage multiple Amazon resources

Enterprises find that the management of Amazon resources occurs in silos, lacking controls to unify and consolidate multiple accounts simultaneously, which leads to increased time and costs through duplication of work being spent managing resources and applications located within Amazon Web Services across the business.

Abiquo v2.6 enables business to manage multiple Amazon accounts through the existing ‘roles and scopes’ policy rules defined within the Abiquo platform.

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