Every organisation wants to reduce the total cost of ownership of their infrastructure – reducing the costs and waste of the technologies that they are utilising to develop their IT services.

Abiquo and Nexenta provide a flexible approach to infrastructure integration and allow organisations to select best of breed or cost effective virtualisation technologies when developing their services.

Our approach not only allows organisations to reduce costs, but also to quickly deliver services to their consumers through a simple and intuitive self service interface.

Nexenta and Abiquo will be holding a webinar together on the 21st of February which you can register for at the below link:


Join the webinar and learn about:

  • How your organisation can easily integrate with your existing infrastructure enabling you to quickly build services for your customers/consumers;
  • How you can improve business agility for an enterprise and enable a service provider to have a differentiated IaaS offering.
  • How to develop sticky services that have flexible and elastic charge back and forward models