VMWare NSX support, enhanced blueprints, improved monitoring with Abiquo 3.8.2

Abiquo today launches the latest version of its cloud management platform – Abiquo 3.8.2.

Version 3.8.2 of the Abiquo hybrid cloud solution introduces three new major features:

Support for VMware NSX software defined networking

Abiquo 3.8 introduced the user interface and API hooks for SDN, firewall and load balancer configuration. Abiquo 3.8.2 builds on that functionality, adding support for VMware NSX to deliver user-driven control of:

  • Network isolation
  • VXLAN management (Private networks)
  • Routing
  • DHCP
  • Firewall management (security group style)
  • Load balancer as a service

This important release offers Abiquo customers an off-the-shelf solution to deliver software defined networking to their end users when using VMware virtualisation.

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Additional items stored with bluprints and more customisation

Released with Abiquo 3.8, Virtual Appliance Specifications (“VApp Specs”) enabled users and admins to create application blueprints with complete configurations including VMs, networking, firewall policies and more. Users can deploy Specs to datacenters other than the one in which the Spec was created, and Abiquo 3.8 allocates resources and helps the user resolve issues such as missing templates.

Abiquo 3.8.2 adds the following configuration items to a VApp Spec:

  • VM metrics (hypervisor and custom), alarms and alerts
  • Volume and disk controller types

This particularly enhances the ability to offer ready-to-go application configurations which may have custom metrics or specific disk controller needs.

Also, when deploying from a Spec (“Materializing”) there are new preview screens which let users modify some VM parameters and help resolve any compatibility questions, such as details of firewall policies, load balancer configurations, VM variables, Chef runlist and parameters and alert subscribers.

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New monitoring alarms and alerts functionality

Abiquo 3.8.2 now alerts when an alarm is deactivated, and more information is available through the API for integration to third party solutions. Apart from being more informative for end users, this functionality can support clearing of alarms or the updating of ticket status in external systems using the Abiquo outbound API.

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Other improvements in Abiquo 3.8.2

For a complete set of release notes, see our public wiki. Abiquo 3.8.2 is available as a free update to all current Abiquo customers.

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