Abiquo 3.8 adds app blueprints, alarms/alerts, SDN and more

March 14th, 2016 / Ian Finlay

Many business are seeking a simple way to enable their workgroups to be more independent from the IT department while retaining corporate governance and IT control. Abiquo’s new features enable the deployment of complex application templates across different infrastructures, without requiring users to adapt the configuration each time. Once deployed, Abiquo users can set up monitoring, alarms and alerts no matter what the physical platform – private cloud, public cloud or Docker hosts.

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The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack – the Abiquo view

June 4th, 2014 / Ian Finlay

Starting in April 2014, Randy Bias wrote an interesting series of blog posts entitled “The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack” in which he made some interesting points about what Enterprises need from a cloud management platform. But if you need to deliver an Enterprise hybrid cloud solution today, maybe there’s another way!

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