Customer Showcase

Abiquo’s customers deliver IAAS and Managed Cloud solutions to internal and external customers

Bezeq International Logo

Bezeq International are developing a new product set based on the Abiquo cloud platform. When it’s released this page will be updated!

Swisscom Logo

Swisscom are developing a new product set based on the Abiquo cloud platform. When it’s released this page will be updated!

Everis logo

Everis is a multinational consulting firm offering business solutions covering all aspects of the value chain, from business strategy through to systems implementation. Everis use Abiquo to manage internal cloud resources for their project teams.

016 Communications

016 provides a complete array of computing services, with over 1,500 clients across a variety of industries, including: Telecom, High tech, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, trade and more. They use Abiquo to deliver agile infrastructure to their developers, speeding up their delivery to their customers.
They also specialize in the following fields:

  • Security Solutions
  • Software and web development
  • New Media

Virtual1 Logo

Virtual1 is the UK’s leading Digital Service Provider. Working exclusively for the wholesale markets, we operate the largest and most advanced network in the UK. We deliver high capacity, low latency connectivity across the UK, as well as on net Cloud solutions.

1Cloud, based on Abiquo’s hybrid cloud software, is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution designed to offer a cost-effective, flexible alternative to traditional hosting services. By using a virtualised environment for hosting, it reduces the need for upfront investment in hardware and minimises the cost of ongoing hardware management.

Virtual1 offers 1Cloud as a white label solution for its Partner community.

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Easynet Logo

Easynet base their Enterprise Cloud service on Abiquo to provide managed computing platform that gives you the power to instantly provision Windows and Linux virtual servers for mission critical applications with a 99.99% service level agreement.

Enterprise Cloud lets you control a resource pool of processing, memory and storage, empowering you to segment your compute assets by project or department and delivering granular access control.

The Easynet Cloud uses Abiquo’s True Hybrid Cloud capabilities to integrate with public cloud providers together with your private and legacy infrastructure to enable you to optimise cost, performance, security and service.

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The Easynet Cloud is available throughout Europe, with their main cloud locations being:

  • Netherlands
  • France (x2 sites)
  • United Kingdom (x2 sites)
  • Spain
  • Italy


Claranet utilizes the Abiquo platform to offer businesses a new way of managing IT infrastructure, to deliver on-demand and self-provisioned computing resources (compute, network, storage) quickly and easily. Depending on business specifications Claranet are able to provide public, private and hybrid cloud hosting solutions, all underpinned by their Virtual Data Centre platform. Claranet has won multiple awards for their Cloud Hosting Service, some specifically focused on their portal, built around the Abiquo platform. Read more…

6YS Logo

6YS, located in Australia, delivers the IronPoint service – a “best of breed” Infrastructure as a Service (or “IaaS”) offering that provides an elastic, scalable virtual environment where Clients can quickly and easily provision individual server and network resources or entire Virtual Data Centre environments at the click of a button.

Leveraging their powerful web-based provisioning system, new servers and networks can be deployed from templates in minutes. Read more…

6YS cloud control panel

6YS cloud control panel (click to zoom)

Fusion Media Networks

Fusion delivers their Virtual Data Centre solution using Abiquo’s cloud management software. They also use Abiquo’s white labelling and reseller capabilities to offer a fully branded reseller cloud, so if you want to sell cloud services under your own brand without needing to build a cloud solution, Fusion can help!

For Enterprise customers, Fusion’s Virtual Data Centre solutions bring you all the market leading features offered by the industry’s biggest providers, plus a host of additional benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Backed by the highest standards of personal customer service, specialist technical support and the most competitive pricing in the business, next generation cloud services have never been more accessible or affordable. Read more…

A Fusion reseller login page

A Fusion reseller login page


Interoute utilize Abiquo to provide on-demand computing, storage and applications integrated into the heart of enterprise IT infrastructure. The Interoute VDC has all the characteristics of a public cloud; the ability to burst, pay as you go pricing and real-time deployment. It is the integration of Interoute’s MPLS/IP network that makes this a cloud delivered using the Internet or as part of your corporate infrastructure eliminating the cost and resource constraints of the private cloud. Read more…