Abiquo delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud software solution, allowing customers to quickly build and monetise cloud services, whilst managing your hybrid, private or public cloud infrastructure from one intuitive portal. Abiquo adds value to your organisation through greater efficiency and control.

Founded in 2006, Abiquo is one of the original pioneers of cloud. This early start, and over 75 man-years of engineering effort, has allowed us to build the broadest and deepest solution available on the market today.

Designed from the ground-up as a strategic solution to meet the needs of customers, unlike other solutions, Abiquo was specifically architected to be hardware and hypervisor independent from the start – a tremendous advantage in today’s heterogeneous environments. By focusing on the needs of all major stakeholders, and employing many breakthrough techniques to manage and secure the cloud, Abiquo delivers a unified solution which is truly greater than the sum of its component parts.

Abiquo’s mission is to deliver the richest and most flexible cloud technology to customers, allowing them to attain the greatest levels of agility and cost-saving, through automation, management efficiency and unrivalled self-service.

Operating across even the most complex new and existing environments, striving to provide all customers with the highest levels of service, value and ROI. With its solution deployed by customers across the globe, in a wide variety of industry sectors, Abiquo is among the fastest growing cloud companies.