We are the (cloud) champions

Abiquo has been named as a cloud computing champion in a recent assessment of the top global cloud management services by Info-Tech. Info-Tech is an independent global leader in providing IT research and advice on the best IT solutions out there.  Abiquo was credited in the top tier category of ‘champion’ as a leading vendor with a leading product, above Eucalyptus, CA Technologies and OpenStack out of the top nine cloud management solutions analysed.

To determine how strong the cloud management service is, both product and vendor offerings were analysed against set criteria. The cloud product was assessed Info-Tech highlighted three core areas of Abiquo’s platform which make it so strong and unique compared to other platforms.against its features, usability, affordability and architecture. Vendors were weighed against four factors, the first being their viability, which looked at how profitable, knowledgeable and long-term they are. The second was the vendor’s strategy; how committed are they to the space and if they have a future product. The third was the vendors reach; how much support they are able to offer customers post sale and if it is worldwide.  Finally, vendors were assessed on their channel strategy and the channel’s strength.  Abiquo scored highly in both product and vendor categories with 87% of their offering being above sufficient requirements and 47% being exemplary.

Our support for multiple hypervisors, providing our customers with flexibility and avoiding vendor lock-in was noted as being a champion area as many are yet to provide this as an option. In addition, our extensive and fully-integrated self service capabilities, with stand out “show-forward pricing” enabling customers to see what resources will cost before they are provisioned, was noted as being a strong point.

For more information on the Info-Tech report please click here

This week’s news from OsCon reveals another vendor looking for ways to take money off the table leveraging OpenStack.  A recent post from GigaOm analyst, Paul Miller, highlights the fact that although open source is gaining traction, companies are still looking for commercial solutions.  One reason sited includes the need for a “single throat to choke” on support and development of new functionality.  This begs the question of success for open source as a cloud platform in the enterprise, and what unique value these commercial solutions will offer.   Interestingly enough, Paul asks users to respond to a polling question “In which areas are users willing to adopt open source solution’s on their own?”  The results to this research will be interesting for many.


Will enterprises allow open source into the cloud stacks?

Some of the media articles are making reference to open source stacks, like OpenStack, being equivalent to tomorrow’s Linux.  Maybe that’s true and everyone will have a flavor of OpenStack, customized internally or commercialized?  That said, we can also look at other open source offerings like Xen and see the impact it had on virtualization.  You may equate Xen to Amazon and the beginning of the cloud, or you may equate Xen as a failed attempt by Citrix to be where VMware is today?   The facts are open source solutions may be good for some, but not others. Given OpenStack is a group of commercial vendors, including Citrix, Cisco, Dell, newly added HP, Abiquo and many others, that are all looking for an easier way to sell a cloud solution to service providers and businesses, will it be the answer customers are looking for?  Stay tuned as we explore this option with analysts, customers and vendors– or join the cloud management linkedin group to be part of the discussion.

It’s been a busy week in the world of clouds.  Following on the heels of our the newest Abiquo release ( v1.8), VMware rolls out the newest version of vSphere or Cloud Infrastructure as they are calling it, and Citrix makes a play to be a real cloud player by acquiring Cloud.com.   It’s interesting to watch Citrix figure out how to compete with VMware in the cloud wars.  By aligning themselves with OpenStack  through their commercial offering, Project Olympus, and the most recent buy they seem to be positioning to target lots of regional service providers with a low end offering to compete directly with the likes of Amazon.  Ironically, as they compete to go head to head with VMware on being “the” cloud platform- they are building out offerings that compete with other Xen users.

On the other hand, we are delighted to see Citrix buy cloud.com, as it validates the need for cloud management as part of any cloud infrastructure stack.  Another study recently published by Evolven shows that over 60% of companies have or plan to have private cloud projects this year.  These two proof points show that cloud plans are materializing and cloud management is the lynch-pin in moving businesses beyond virtualization and onto cloud environments.

With the Microsoft partner event this week, we see that they now allow for a portal to mange hyper-v environments, assuming you only want manage a single environment- this might be good news for you.  Stay tuned to see how this 3-legged battle for the cloud platform plays out and what it means for vendors like, Abiquo, but also for the traditional hardware folks like Cisco, EMC, NetApp, IBM and HP- there seems to be even more musical chairs at play.