Service Providers Under Attack From Amazon Look To Abiquo For Help

In brief: Managed Service Providers and hosting companies worried about customers moving to Amazon can now offer True Hybrid Cloud services with Abiquo’s new Provider Edition Cloud Management Platform.

Managed service providers (MSPs) and hosting companies are seeing customers test and move to Amazon’s Web Services platform, as Amazon’s 60+% year-on-year growth suggests. And it’s not just US companies under attack – Amazon has hinted that it may open a German Data Centre too.

To help these MSPs retain customers and build new offerings, Abiquo, creator of the Cloud Management Platform already used by top ranked MSPs to deliver their Virtual Data Center services, has today released its new Provider Edition – a single platform for MSPs to create True Hybrid Cloud services for Enterprise customers.

“Hosting companies and service providers tell us that their customers are starting to use public clouds such as Amazon and DigitalOcean, and that they’re worried about losing revenue and the ‘trusted partner’ status that they’ve worked so hard to gain” said Ian Finlay, VP of Product at Abiquo. “By implementing Abiquo Provider Edition they give their customers access to their choice of public cloud provider alongside their own high-quality on-premise cloud products.”

Gilles Samoun, CEO at Abiquo commented: “Time to market is a critical issue for service providers. The longer they wait to have a service in the market, the more they risk their customers going elsewhere. Our customers get to market in weeks, instead of taking months to develop on open source software. It’s also very easy to get a sales team ready to sell – a focus on business rather than implementation”.

This new release, with an elegant new user interface and simplified workflow, builds upon Abiquo’s proven solution to offer a True Hybrid Cloud platform – one portal, one reporting interface, one metering engine and one set of APIs across on-premise infrastructure and public cloud providers alike. A rich set of configuration options and integration points lets providers differentiate their product from competitors and serve their specific customer bases.

Samoun adds: “Customers can be confident that this new Provider Edition is proven at scale, having been running in our free Abiquo anyCloud SaaS service for some months”

Abiquo Provider Edition ships with support for Amazon, VMware ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VM and Xen, with additional modules for Google Compute Engine, HP Cloud, Rackspace, ElasticHosts and DigitalOcean in the pipeline.

Abiquo Provider Edition is a free upgrade for existing customers, and can be sampled for free online at

The Abiquo and DigitalOcean Apache jclouds connector is available to download now.

Abiquo, creators of hybrid cloud orchestration platform Abiquo anyCloud, are proud to announce support for the new generation of cloud services through integration with DigitalOcean. This adds to the enterprise-grade management and control over public cloud environments from Google Compute Engine, HP Cloud, Amazon EC2 and Rackspace with one consistent interface.
Abiquo’s development engineer Ignasi Barrera is an established, long time Apache jclouds contributor, and developed this integration in two weeks by creating a connector in the open source Apache jclouds project. This is now available for any other application developer to use.

“The motivation to integrate with DigitalOcean was clear; we already used the DigitalOcean platform in our development process, and our developers felt so strongly about the functionality that DigitalOcean provides that they have gone to the extent of automating part of our continuous integration software development process.” said Abiquo Co-Founder and CTO, Xavier Fernandez. “To do this in a standard way, they created the jclouds connector for DigitalOcean, integrated it to Abiquo anyCloud and contributed it to the open source community for anyone to use.”

“DigitalOcean simply offers high performance compute resource coupled with a competitive pricing model. More specifically, with DigitalOcean being based on Solid State Disk (SSD), the time to complete tasks is considerably less than with traditional storage technologies i.e the time to spin up a server is reduced and the performance for input/output intensive tasks is far more improved”, Xavier added.

By adding DigitalOcean support to Abiquo anyCloud using the new connector, DigitalOcean users are provided with True Hybrid cloud features of an enterprise-grade quality. John Edgar Chief Evangelist at DigitalOcean stated; “We really like the enhanced functionality this offers developers. Coupled with the Apache jclouds connector, this opens up DigitalOcean to a wider community of of Apache jclouds users. It will be interesting to see what combining the technologies behind Abiquo anyCloud and DigitalOcean can achieve.”

Through Abiquo anyCloud, DigitalOcean users can effectively manage their cloud accounts, and can also obtain a full audit trail of activities across all their public cloud accounts.

Additionally, enhanced compliance measures are available to users in the form of workflow approvals, where primary account users will receive an email to approve or reject any new VM creation from a team member account.

Security is also another key feature that Abiquo anyCloud provides to DigitalOcean users; through the creation of member accounts users are able to add team members to these accounts, by starting with a primary account and then inviting the wider team to share the Abiquo anyCloud account. They can use the same cloud provider accounts without needing to know the security credentials.

For businesses with hybrid clouds including traditional hypervisors, the Abiquo software is available to install on-premise.
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