Abiquo has been rated by analyst house, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) as value leader in the industry for cloud platforms.  EMA is a leading industry analyst and consulting firm that specialises in providing deep insight in data management technologies. Abiquo was credited in the top tier category of ‘value leader’ along with Cisco, due to the platform “offering all the ingredients for customers to create a true enterprise cloud”.  The cloud platform was taken and analysed against the following set criteria to determine the strength of the cloud platform: functionality, architecture and integration, deployment and administration.

Abiquo’s platform was commended for having the ability to tie together “a companies’ existing technologies coherently and securely, leveraging existing infrastructures instead of introducing a new technology that sits uncomfortably in the middle of the datacentre”.  EMA was also impressed by Abiquo’s unique ability to move a business’ environment from one hypervisor to another at the push of a button.

In terms of functionality, the platform allows for the provision of both physical and virtual cloud resources through a simple interface in a straightforward and concise manner. Being able to be easily integrated into existing infrastructures allows fast deployment of the software with 3-4 weeks being the average turnaround time. This was seen by EMA to be highly reasonable, especially since the platform carries multiple features and capabilities.

Abiquo was praised on the open architecture of the platform with extension for open flow which is easy to create around the platform.

Torsten Volk, Senior Analyst, EMA states “Abiquo’s value proposition cuts through the usual marketing hype, offering customers what they actually need: a cloud platform that ties together existing enterprise technologies. We applaud the revolutionary approach Abiquo has taken to help businesses transform their existing cloud infrastructure. Users are able to integrate all existing technologies and manage them from one simple self-service interface. We’re particularly impressed with Abiquo’s unique capability of moving environments from one hypervisor to another by the push of a button. It truly is a value leader in the industry”.

Customers who already have the solution in place spoke of the great support and responsiveness they receive from Abiquo from the start of implementation to after care services. They also liked the simple functionality of the interfaces which both admin and end users found they could use with ease.