When it comes to storage one size most definitely does NOT fit all. There are a huge number of storage solutions on the market each offering their own benefits and price points. For those running applications the choice of storage is typically a balance between performance or features versus cost. Often the application itself will dictate which of those carries the most weight.

For the cloud provider it is a matter of offering a selection of storage solutions so that you can service the different needs of your customers. Of course, you may also want to control which solutions are made available to specific customers based on the SLA’s that you are offering.

Abiquo makes this incredibly simple. Offering the ability to create storage tiers and control which tenants have access each of those tiers. Therefore allowing the Cloud provider the ability to offer a range of storage services.

Storage tiers

   Abiquo Storage Tiers

Within the storage tiers Abiquo offers several different storage types that provide the Cloud provider with multiple options based on their existing infrastructure and customer needs. Including:

  • Integrated iSCSi – storage integration with leading storage platforms such as NetApp and Nexenta, offering the full Abiquo self service storage functionality to cloud users

  • Generic iSCSi – supporting any iSCSi based storage and allowing the storage administrator to remain in control over how storage is provisioned to cloud users

  • NFS – providing Abiquo self service storage functionality on any storage platform that supports NFS

Click for more information on storage options and to see the Abiquo feature documentation.