Many organisations are wary of the agility that comes with cloud services and rightly so! They feel that they will no longer have control over users who now have access  to self service, outside the constraints of normal IT controls. Abiquo helps you deliver those cloud services, so that your users have the benefits of self service, whilst allowing you to remain in complete control.

Resource limits can be set for all of your cloud resources (compute, memory, storage and networking) for each cloud tennant. Those same resource limits can also be applied at a more granular Virtual DataCenter, or physical data center level, if required. Meaning that the cloud provider remains in complete control of anyone who can using that resources and where in the infrastructure those resources can be used. All of Abiquo’s resource limits contain a hard limit, that cannot be exceeded and a soft limit that can generate warnings or alerts to both the end user, or the administrator, or even the sales guy.


 Abiquo Resource Limits

With v2.6, Abiquo has extended its capabilities to include AWS EC2. The same control of resources now applies to the public cloud, with the cloud administrator controlling how much resource can be used in each AWS region, and therefore controlling how much can be spent. Here are the limits you can set in an Amazon Virtual Datacenter in Abiquo:

 Setting resource limits in your Amazon environment with Abiquo


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