Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor

Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor,  Welcome to the age of intelligent cloud management with Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor. We are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary solution that will transform the way you visualize, optimize, and monitor your cloud investments..

Cloud Cost Management - Hybrid Dashboard

Using a set of different tools, companies are able to find cost-effective ways to optimize cloud usage and gain efficiencies.

Keeping an eye on your cloud investment and deployment will avoid unnecessary expenses and, consequently, save money!

What is Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor?

Our service, backed by years of cloud management expertise, is a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities designed to provide an unparalleled view of your cloud infrastructure.

It’s not just about managing resources; it’s about maximizing the value of every investment and ensuring the efficient implementation of best practices.

The platform is meticulously crafted for multi-cloud environments, encompassing AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google, as well as other SaaS services and products. It extends its capabilities to hybrid cloud setups, including VMware and various other providers. This design ensures that analyses, recommendations, and other essential factors benefit from a comprehensive 360º perspective, seamlessly unified within a single pane of glass.


Key benefits of Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor

  • Clear and Accessible Visualization: Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor offers an intuitive interface to visualize your cloud assets. From costs to resources, get a complete and detailed overview.


  • Continuous Optimization: Identify savings opportunities and optimize your resources in real-time. Our technology uses advanced algorithms to ensure operational and financial efficiency.


  • Best Practice Monitoring: Keep your infrastructure aligned with best practices. Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor alerts you to potential deviations and guides you to ensure compliance with industry regulations and recommendations.


  • Collaboration with Channel Partners: We are committed to making our technology available to everyone. We offer exclusive agreements with Channel Partners who want to bring the excellence of Abiquo Cloud Finops Advisor to their own clients.

Some Finops Features

Single Pane of Glass

Abiquo Cloud FinOps Advisor allows the inclusion of accounts from major cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Oracle), as well as more complex organizations for APN (Amazon Partner Network) or Microsoft CSP. It also allows the inclusion of private infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on installations with VMware.

Manage Budgets

Administrators can create budgets to manage and control the spending for one or more cloud tenants using a range of cloud providers and private infrastructure. Abiquo evaluates the spend against the budgets using the billing data from each provider and displays the information on the Hybrid cloud billing dashboard.

Once you have established your budgets for each cloud provider or platform, action plans can be triggered when costs pass a defined threshold.
For example, a tenant has consumed 50% of its budgeted amount in AWS. You can set up an action plan that will automatically send an email to alert the System Administrator team. Then, the action plan may suspend resources, or save and deprovision them.

Cloud Cost Management - Hybrid Dashboard

Billing details

You can also keep track of your cloud spending by checking the Billing details section that Abiquo incorporates within the Dashboard Hybrid tab. If billing information is available, the platform can display the billing details for public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure as well as costs from your on-premise/private clouds based on Abiquo’s pricing system.

The platform can display the average cost per virtual machine for each provider, making it easier to keep track of costs in a more visual way.

By default, the platform will display the Latest bills and Estimated bills, but you can also see past bills and drill down to more details and display the charts in different formats. 

Abiquo’s billing features are extremely helpful for those companies who are looking for excellent cloud cost management. For even more bill analysis, Abiquo keeps all the billing detail information in the back end database which can be used as the basis for custom reports.


Cross platform tag management

Abiquo recognizes the diverse and ever-expanding cloud ecosystem, comprising AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more. Our Multi-Cloud Tag Management feature empowers businesses with a unified approach to tag resources across these diverse platforms, offering a comprehensive view of cloud expenditures.

The feature includes the capacity to discover tags in the different providers, define tag policies to assure the utilization of this tags and a search tool to discover resources in different infrastructures using the same tags.

And many others

Unlock the full potential of your business with the Abiquo platform! We go beyond the ordinary to empower our Channel partners, transforming them into the ultimate business associates. Our platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic ally that provides invaluable recommendations, robust reporting tools, and a suite of features designed to elevate your business to new heights. Join forces with Abiquo and redefine what’s possible for your business partnership. Success awaits – let’s achieve it together!