Abiquo anyCloud Feature Highlights Q4 2014

Abiquo announces a major upgrade in Abiquo anyCloud

Read on to discover amazing new features that will help your IT organization to manage different cloud environments and improve the efficiency of your operations with your cloud resources, putting them at the service of your business.

We help you (Step by step tutorials)

You and your new users can get working sooner, by taking our new interactive tutorial. And if you had any questions or problems, you can use the contact form from anywhere in the platform to talk to our Support team to get answers quickly. The following video shows how this works in Abiquo on-premise.

More Monitoring

We have incorporated usability improvements based on your feedback and we we have incorporated an great new PUSH capacity that allow you to add your own application metrics. Monitoring your systems is key data to help you understand your systems, and with this release, Abiquo allows you to put your data to work for your business too.

Improved subnet management in AWS

Now you can manage the network definition at VPC level, with NO netmask restriction, allowing you to manage your subnet segmentation better. If you are an advanced AWS user this is going to be important for you

Protect your VMs

In a shared environment it’s important to control your resources so you can manage planned downtime or enable any maintenance period without the worry that someone in your team, sharing your accounts, can work on those resources while you need to work on then undisturbed.You can do “protect” your VMs using our API (why not try it?) so you can integrate this protection process with your current IT and DevOps tools.

More UX improvements, more robust, more work

As with every new release, we improve usability based on our customers’ feefback, improve performance and squash bugs. We hope you will see these differences as you interact with the UI. Please do let us know what you think – we need your feedback to make our product as relevant as possible to the way you manage your hybrid clouds.Remember that Abiquo anyCloud uses exactly the same code base as our on-premise edition, so feel free to Contact us for a demo or test Abiquo in your business, enabling you to manage your local virtualized resources and your favorite public clouds using our True Hybrid Cloud capabiliies.

There’s more to come to anyCloud soon as we roll out more of the features in Abiquo 3.2!