The Abiquo Product Architecture

Abiquo software leverages your existing server, storage and network hardware into a powerful Cloud Computing Platform. These resources can exist in multiple datacenters, with each datacenter forming a logical unit, so that the use of those pooled resources can also be controlled by Abiquo’s policy.

The Abiquo Server architecture is based on enterprise-class technologies that your support organisation already understands such as Java, Apache-Tomcat, and MySQL, as well some other widely deployed technologies, such as DHCP servers and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Servers.

Architecture Overview

Abiquo employs server-side technology to manage, store and handle all the information and events that the cloud nodes will create. Users (tenants) have a controlled self-service access to the appliance library of virtual machine templates to deploy their virtual machines within the resource limits set by the administrators.

The Abiquo open architecture can integrate your infrastructure with other business critical services needed to develop an end to end Cloud service, such as 3rd party monitoring, billing/invoice systems, CMDBs and backup solutions via an extensive, powerful API and event stream.