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Disaster Recovery as a Service with Zerto for vCenter   Abiquo 5.2 has introduced the new DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) feature. Abiquo DRaaS provides self-service disaster recovery for Abiquo users, adding its first new integration with Zerto for...

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How to configure an ESXi host to support VLAN tagging

As part the infrastructure of your multi-cloud platform, a DHCP server or gateway will need to access multiple networks, which will usually be on different virtual LANs (VLANs). A typical VLAN configuration will connect networks to a switch port in trunk mode, and the...

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What is cloud orchestration?

All companies pursue the same objective: the expansion of their business. However, to make this happen, technology is needed with the aim of achieving a strong market position and additional competitive advantage.  The idea is to prosper in a world in which the...

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Determine the size of a VM disk file

Introduction to VM disk file sizes When you launch a virtual machine, the hypervisor or public cloud region will deploy one or more VM disk files. To launch a VM, most hypervisors require the disk size, and this article describes how to get the size from the command...

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Export an OVA from ESXi vSphere 6.7 with OVF tool

An introduction to OVA To move virtual machines between platforms it is common to create an OVA. An OVA (open virtualization appliance) is a compressed package that contains a VM disk and its descriptor in OVF (open virtualization format). As of version 6.5, vSphere...

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What is a cloud management platform?

Cloud management refers to the control that administrators exercise over the cloud, whether this concerns users, apps, data or services. The tools they use make it possible to supervise all types of activities within this environment, such as data, resource usage and...

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New ‘Cadmium’ Interface improves Multicloud Management

We’re excited to announce the release of Abiquo’s new User Interface, Cadmium. Abiquo’s customers can now upgrade to our new and improved user interface (UI), along with new features included in major latest release, Abiquo 5.0.By upgrading to Abiquo 5.0 users will...

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Abiquo and the Cloud Growth in Asia APAC

It is not a secret that Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud are being massively adopted by most companies these days all over the world. According to recent studies, multi-cloud has become the norm for most enterprises across Asia Pacific. More than 90% of the organizations...

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Abiquo awarded the Innovative SME Recognition 2019

Innovation refers to creating more effective processes, products, and ideas and, thus, it is vital because it gives companies the chance to gain entrance in new markets faster and lead to bigger opportunities. Implementing new ideas, improving services or creating...

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Welcome to the Cloud Era part 2

Since humans have been here on Earth, disruptive innovation has helped evolution. Fire, the wheel, the steam engine… Each period has had a disruptive invention that has helped humanity to change. Let’s illustrate that with an example. Humans used candles at home and...

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Cloud migration may not save you money

Cost control is one of the new key processes in hybrid cloud environments that needs to be implemented - as we did in the past with capacity planning or other traditional processes in the datacenter. But if you are looking for a “saving money” scenario by simply...

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Reduce cloud costs and automate more with Abiquo

Abiquo’s hybrid cloud platform has a range of features that benefit service providers, system integrators and enterprises who need to offer a hybrid cloud management or multi cloud solution. For your private cloud and on-premise clouds, Abiquo offers opportunities to...

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New Abiquo releases and growing support in 2018

Abiquo has seen consistent growth since its creation, and 2018 has proved to be another exciting year for our cloud management platform. Not only have there been a number of new Abiquo releases that have enhanced usability for the end user and functionality for our...

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Enabling clients to create outstanding cloud services

Article published by The Mirror Review, on December 2018. While using the traditional IT model, a user has to face long waiting times and tedious processes to develop IT resource products like IT infrastructure, databases, networks, and software packages. Moreover,...

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What is DevOps?

There are many great articles on the internet describing DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Agile Infrastructure and so on, and if you’re looking for a great hybrid cloud management platform you’re almost certainly aware of what these are and the...

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