We are glad to announce the release of a new version (0.8.0) of the abiCloud project, an open-source cloud platform manager which allows to easily deploy a cloud computing infrastructure . Users can create, manage and scale complext IT architectures easily trough our impressive user interface. You can download it for Linux or Windows from sourceforge.

New Features:

  • Hard and Soft Limits. Control and limit the use of resources of your organizations
  • Multi-Datacenter environment improvements. Manage more than one datacenter in your cloud infraestructure.
  • Basic multi virtualization technology environments. Allow your users to create virtual appliance with one hypervisor or another


  • Many usability and GUI improvements to facilitate the user experience.
  • Basic Refresh button to recover from disasters
  • Installation process.

Solved issues:

  • ABICLOUD-186. ‘virtualmachine’ table keeps information of already destroyed virtual machines
  • ABICLOUD-172. Deployment of a Virtual Image in a Virtual Datacenter with an Hypervisor not supported crashes
  • ABICLOUD-170. Inconsistent libvirt installation procedure
  • ABICLOUD-162. Deployment and undeployment of a virtual application should never stay in an infinite loop
  • ABICLOUD-155. Cannot change the datacenter assigned to a virtual datacenter
  • ABICLOUD-163. The url in the documentation button should link to abicloud community site, not abiquo community
  • ABICLOUD-160. Change URI to URL in ‘Create Remote Service’
  • ABICLOUD-157. Repository edition pop-up errors.
  • ABICLOUD-154. Textbox allows to insert a long text that it’s smaller than the allowed size in the database
  • ABICLOUD-153. If a ovfindex.xml is modified, and it’s reloded by the am, the older images still appear
  • ABICLOUD-152. Product and Info information from ovfindex.xml is not displayed
  • ABICLOUD-146. When the VirtualMachine is Paused, the PowerOn button shuold be blocked.
  • ABICLOUD-145. Multi languaje server messages problem
  • ABICLOUD-144. Server errors on english on flex client (When I select Spanish)
  • ABICLOUD-143. The HD, RAM and CPU inputboxes not show the information correctly
  • ABICLOUD-142. On Dashboard, the disabled section should be hide
  • ABICLOUD-139. Rename AbiCloud.html to index.html
  • ABICLOUD-135. Abicloud cannot recover the state of a node after a failed deployment of a Virtual Image
  • ABICLOUD-131. Document how to set up a shared NFS repository in a Windows Environment
  • ABICLOUD-130. When validating OVF XML documents and its invalid the error is not properly reported at the client
  • ABICLOUD-129. RImp should work with more than one repository location at the same time
  • ABICLOUD-120. Editable Package Management Window
  • ABICLOUD-118. Disk allocation units
  • ABICLOUD-114. .vdi disks created by VirtualBox on startup of a vm are not removed after a shutdown
  • ABICLOUD-109. libvirtd needs netcat-openbsd to work.
  • ABICLOUD-97. Application Server does not shutdown properly. kill -9 needed
  • ABICLOUD-89. Prominent buttons for support & documentation
  • ABICLOUD-76. I can delete a VSS
  • ABICLOUD-57. Refresh error deleting an appliance
  • ABICLOUD-17. Disabled input text on Respository object
  • ABICLOUD-5. Better way to show Appliance logs
  • ABICLOUD-3. Delete Appliance Logs


If you need support, you can get it from wiki.abiquo.com