We are glad to announce the release of a new version (0.7) of the abiquo project, an open source cloud platform manager which allows to easily deploy a cloud computing infrastructure over organizations’ datacenters. Organizations can create, manage and scale complext IT architectures in an easy and agile way.

Abiquo is Cloud computing platform that allows you to offer your infrastructure as a service to your users, allowing them to create and manage public and private clouds, can switch, scale according to the needs of each moment and, therefore, cost savings and business agility.

Today, abiquo has released a new version of its open source product abiquo. This version offers a base for the management of private clouds on different platforms for virtualization, monitoring all events, allowing users to convert their structures into existing IT structures based on Cloud. We are also offering as a new feature the possibility of having a repository of virtual images that can be integrated with external repositories for downloading virtual appliances.

One of the key differences of Abiquo is the the web rich interface for managing the infrastructure. You can deploy a new service just dragging and dropping a virtual machine. This version allows to deploy instances over VirtualBox, KVM, Xen and VMware (subscribers-only).

New features of this version:


  • Network management
  • Appliance manager & repository
  • Events management




  • Rich interface
  • User management through ACL
  • Infrastructure management (from datacenters to virtual machines)
  • Visual design of virtual datacenters




  • Linux or Windows
  • Xen, KVM, Virtualbox or VMware hypervisors installed
  • JavaVM




  • CPAL 1.0 for the UI
  • MPL 1.1 for the services


For more details, please visit our community

Download it!