As many of you will know Cloud Computing Technology allows customers access to large, and increasing, numbers of on-demand resources. This enables them to acquire great processing power and storage without large investments in hardware; resulting in significant cost and time savings, as well as reduced energy consumption.

Today, abiquo has released its new product, an open source cloud platform manager which allows users to easily turn an organizations’ datacenters into a cloud environment.

abiquo virtual datacenter abicloud virtual datacenter

One of the key differences of Abiquo is the the web interface for managing the infrastructure. You can deploy a new service by just dragging and dropping a virtual machine. This version allows for the deployment of instances over VirtualBox, VMware, KVM and Xen.
In future versions, abiquo will offer, among other features, autoscalability, and automatic and immediate provision of servers, storage, network, virtual network devices and applications.


  • Rich interface
  • User management through ACL
  • Infrastructure management (from datacenters to virtual machines)
  • Network management
  • Appliance repository
  • Design virtual datacenters


  • Linux or Windows
  • VirtualBox hypervisor
  • JavaVM


  • CPAL 1.0 for the UI
  • MPL 1.1 for the services

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