As you would know, Abiquo is distributed in a CentOS 5.7 ISO image with all the components included. And when the users are installing the product, they can select the profile to install (Monolithic install, Distributed install, KVM Cloud node, etc.).

In order to continue the evolution of our ISO, we are preparing the migration to the newest CentOS 6 distribution.

In order to perform this migration gradually, and because KVM is one of the most important hypervisors used in Abiquo in our customers’ production environments, we have decided to start with the migration of the KVM Cloud node profile so as to provide the benefits of using the new KVM version included in CentOS 6.

For example, in CentOS 6, the new KVM version is now fully integrated into the kernel. Other improvements include the ability to assign CPU affinity for guests, and Kernel Same Page (KSM) technology, which allows the kernel to reuse identical memory pages across virtual machines. That’s certainly very useful for a cloud environment 🙂

Abiquo will continue to provide our ISO based on CentOS 5.7 but we have also prepared a special package that can be installed after a basic CentOS 6.2 install, for customers that wish to use KVM. It includes all the packages required for running KVM and all the components necessary to work with Abiquo (libvirt, abiquo-aim, etc.).