It is not a secret that Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud are being massively adopted by most companies these days all over the world.

According to recent studies, multi-cloud has become the norm for most enterprises across Asia Pacific. More than 90% of the organizations have multiple cloud environments with different degrees of interoperability, and more than 50% are already using hybrid cloud strategies. However, nearly 44% lack of a formal hybrid-cloud strategy, according to 451 Research survey.

On the other hand, over 84% of CIOs in Asia Pacific believe multi-cloud will constitute up to 50% of their hosting environment in the next three years, up from an average of less than 30% today, according to a recent research made by Kemp Technologies on behalf of Forrester. Plus, the spending on cloud computing in Asia Pacific is forecast to grow at 19% per year until 2023, with market investments expected to reach US$256 billion.

Given all the research and the experience we already have with some existing customers and partners, Abiquo is strongly betting for the Asia Pacific region to offer its multi cloud and hybrid cloud services. 

In order to increase our brand awareness and visibility we decided to participate in ConnecTechAsia, one of the largest technology events held last June in Singapore. 

Singapore is a very large adopter of the cloud, and as such, there is a tremendous opportunity for Abiquo there. In particular, we had the chance to connect with a lot of prospects willing to implement cloud technologies in the near future.
This first experience attending a trade event in Asia has brought a bit more of market understanding than we already had. Accessing the asian markets is culturally different to western markets, where Abiquo is widely expanded at the moment. Thanks to our partners and clients in Taiwan, China and Australia at this moment the opportunities for Abiquo are significant to be a referral in the asian cloud. The opportunities seen so far are a large cloud adopting market and ongoing business loyalty.  

The Singapore journey has commenced but it will take longer than usual in Europe or the US.  Large enterprises are established in Singapore, that also reach into large global markets, which is an advantage for us having presence worldwide. Besides, MSPs are a critical player within Singapore, and there are potentially several large hybrid cloud players.

ConnecTechAsia has provided significant experience on what can be expected, and how best to engage. An example of one of the challenges encountered is the global understanding of the business value of a cloud orchestration platform. Meetings tended to focus less on the technology and functionality, and more on how it can benefit their business. The lesson learnt here is to continue the discussions and engagements at the business benefits level. 

As Singapore considers itself as the business gateway to the Asia Pacific region, and even though we are aware that building relationships in the region often takes longer than expected and may exceed business targets, we are happy to continue working on the build-up of these relationships and see rewarding business returns in the short term.