We’re excited to announce the release of Abiquo’s new User Interface, Cadmium.

Abiquo’s customers can now upgrade to our new and improved user interface (UI), along with new features included in major latest release, Abiquo 5.0.

Cadmium, Abiquo’s New UI
Abiquo Dashboard - Hybrid tab

By upgrading to Abiquo 5.0 users will benefit from new improved features that simplify processes and help the user navigate and interact easily with their multi cloud resources. 

Major enhancements include improvements to information dashboards, by including new graphs and tables to simplify the data and show information in a more visual way; increased productivity, by incorporating new and redesigned elements making it easier for users to identify functionalities and processes; better consistency, thanks to the new and unified styles in the platform, utilizing a new set of design rules to accelerate adoption; and ease of navigation, streamlining menus, sub-menus, notifications and other modules of the platform to speed navigation of Abiquo’s rich features.

The Abiquo v5 Cadmium User Interface offers more intuitive navigation and faster access to key information, ensuring an even more rapid ROI on your Abiquo multicloud platform.