The history of Abiquo is built by a team of highly talented people who want to transform the world of cloud, by offering a neutral, fresh and independent solution.

Challenges, changes, ups & downs… But, above all, 12 years of cloud.

By 2006 AWS had spent a little time doing its first steps with EC2. It was a simple concept but a powerful solution which concealed the complexity of the ideas behind it. Our challenge was to find a way to bring the cloud to enterprises and service providers through a product that would bring together the benefits of self-service technology with the demands of any IT department in terms of control, governance and quick adaptability.

By the end of 2009 our first GA version was released and in 2010 we got our first client – in Australia!. That brought us several awards, both recognition of our achievement and of our clients’ platforms delivered with Abiquo.

To bring the story up to date: over 5000 companies are using Abiquo with our evolution of traditional IaaS, enhanced with the ease of incorporating different virtualization technologies, public and private clouds in the same platform, and with the evolution to the true hybrid cloud orchestration by creating capabilities that allow our clients to offer platforms as a service.

The result of these 12 years is fruit of everyone’s effort and with these modest lines we want to thank each client, each partner and each user who has trusted and continues to trust in Abiquo. It’s been more than 80 releases, over 10,000 enhancements and issues and 1,000 user stories. 12 years in which we have added the most important features or have chased the most irrelevant issues but, in the end, 12 years in which we have worked to do things well and in which we have collaborated within Open Source communities trying to give back what the community has given us during all these years.

On behalf of the entire team of Abiquo, thank you very much for these wonderful years.

Let’s keep this party going. Long live the cloud!