Today NetApp rolled out an announcement around new technologies and a partner ecosystem to deliver enterprise clouds.  Abiquo has been working closely with the NetApp team to enable enterprise customers to deliver Storage as a Service across many hypervisor platforms and datacenter locations.   Given the need to store and access big data, and the ever increasing amount of that data, this problem will get worse without the right solutions implemented. This is why we see Storage as a Service as an huge market opportunity across the enterprise and service provider space.   As a cloud service provider, you can easily see how many mid-market organizations might use storage as a service.  But how do you build it quickly, enable multi-tenant self-service,  and deliver various “tiers” of storage to offer the right service at the right price to your customers?  As an enterprise, how do you enable departments to access the storage they need when they need it, alone or with the rest of your IaaS offering?

This NetApp/Abiquo solution brief reveals how Abiquo and NetApp make storage management and automation simple, yet robust. Additionally, there’s an upcoming set of webcasts that may help users see how to set up Storage as a Service or learn more about managing and automating storage.

A tech demo webcast was recorded and can be accessible here: June Tech Thursday: Focus on NetApp Storage. (sorry, no longer available)

Then later on July 28th at 10AM,  joint speakers from NetApp and Abiquo discuss “The basics of automating a cloud storage service”.

Abiquo is committed to delivering support for compute, networking and storage across multiple data centers, and will continue to innovate with partners like NetApp to deliver more value to enterprises and service providers worldwide.