A few weeks ago we launched the Cloud Accelerator Program with MSPExcellence to educate MSPs and Hosting Providers on how to successfully provide Cloud Services and offer a go-to-market solution for their offerings.

The Cloud Accelerator Program kicks off with a series of educational “Manage the Cloud for Success” webinars to introduce interested MSP partners to the market opportunity, the enabling technology, and the elements of the go-to-market plan. The first webinar will be held on March 17, 2011, at 1pm EST, and will cover five critical success factors for converging cloud and managed services, including creating a formal strategic plan, developing a profitable business model, building an effective marketing machine, managing a predictable sales process and continuously measuring success. The webinar is being presented by MSPAlliance and MSPexcellence. Registration is now closed, sorry.

Check back here after the webinar. We’ll summarize the key questions MSP’s said they’re facing and share some thoughts on how to address those issues.