Last week, OpenStack celebrated its seventh birthday, sponsored by Red Hat in Barcelona.

Abiquo Senior Software Engineer Ignasi Barrera presented Abiquo’s integration with OpenStack’s Neutron component. As an open source and modular project, OpenStack can be used beyond its own stack, so Abiquo has adopted Neutron as the preferred SDN solution for KVM based cloud solutions.

Attendees also learned about Ceph thanks to Xavi Trilla, Chief of Operations at, who presented the Ceph Architecture, Performance, and Hardware requirements with some advice on best practice.

Also, Toni Segura, Kuryr Project Team Lead at Red Hat, showed how Kuryr, with its controller and CNI plugin can provide Neutron networking both for VM and bare metal Kubernetes clusters.

The meetup ended with a networking session sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation.

Standalone Neutron integration with Abiquo

Abiquo already had a self-service networking model for KVM based on VLANs and wanted to add support for self-service configuration and deployment of Firewalls, Load Balancers and Floating IP addresses.

Our options were either to implement our own solution or explore the existing SDN products. OpenStack already had what we needed, but we also needed some parts of the relevant compute stack: Keystone for access control and multi-tenancy and Neutron to provide the SDN features.

Take a look at our presentation to learn more about how we delivered the Abiquo Hybrid Cloud Neutron integration:

About Openstack Days

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