Last wednesday we had the chance to visit the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, where the supercomputer MareNostrum is hosted. It’s one of the most powerful supercomputer in Europe and the number 40 in the world, according to the last Top500 list.  MareNostrum has reached 94.21 Teraflops (94.21 trillions of operations per second). It has now 10.240 processors with a final calculation capacity of 94.21 Teraflops.

Jordi Torres Viñals and Ricard Galvadá invited us to visit the facilities. They are researchers in the areas of distributed computing, and of course it includes Cloud Computing. We wanted to meet each other to know more about our activities, and learn, learn, learn. We explained what abiCloud is and what is our value for the companies implementing our solution, and they explained their projects and objectives. I was impressed with their deep knowledge of the Cloud and specially about metering and metrics.

The pictures below where taken inside the MareNostrum datacenter. The datacenter is located inside an ancient chapel. It makes you feel like being inside a superheroes movie visiting the villians’ lair. From left to right, Ricard Gavaldá (BSC), Diego Parrilla (Abiquo), Xavier Fernández (Abiquo), Helena Torras (Abiquo).