Cloud Computing is about the ability to share IT resources more efficiently. Thus, the core objective of IT, and specifically the CIO, should be to understand the value that this technology can bring to their enterprise or government agency.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework of understanding around the use of Cloud Computing technology, and suggest a process to create and implement an enterprise Cloud strategy for their organization. We will focus on the creation of a Cloud Computing strategy that defines a sound Cloud infrastructure management approach, and selection of the right enabling technology.

This paper is ideal for CIOs or anyone who wants to understand the systemic value of the Cloud Computing shift in IT, and how to drive more efficiency into their IT infrastructure over time. We’ll do this by walking through the process of creating a Cloud Computing strategic roadmap for their organization, or a plan that will ensure additional strategic IT efficiencies, using Cloud Computing as a strategic enabling technology.

This CIO white paper was written by David Linthicum, founder and CTO of Blue Mountain Labs and author of 13 books and the blog.

Key topics in this paper include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Cloud Computing Challenges Today
  • Creating Your Vision for Cloud Computing
  • Creating a Cloud Computing Roadmap
    • New strategies
    • New software
    • New business-driven policies
  • Enterprise Deployment Strategies
  • The Need for Cloud Infrastructure Management
    • Key enterprise requirements
  • Leveraging Abiquo for Cloud Management

To download this paper, click here: Creating and Implementing a Cloud Strategy