Vertical Strategy published a New Cloud Management Guide by Carlos Escapa, Managing Director of Qumotech and former Director, VMware.  The guide is a MUST ready for anyone interested in the cloud management landscape.


“As organizations push more data into the Cloud, managing these new infrastructures is becoming the major challenge for IT. This guide provides the latest information on the Cloud computing management market and tips on how to compare the key Cloud management vendors and their offerings.”

Purpose of this Cloud Management White Paper:

The purpose of this paper is to describe what cloud management is, how it came into existence, what problems it solves and why it is needed. In addition, this paper describes the top cloud management software providers and provides a detailed comparison between them.

Target Audience for this Cloud Management Paper:

This paper is ideal for anyone who is planning to implement or has implemented a private or hybrid cloud including IT leaders within Enterprises as well as Service Providers. This paper provides a clear description of the state of the cloud management market and provides an in-depth comparison of the top cloud management solutions available today.

Key Topics in this Cloud Management Guide:

  • Executive Summary
  • First Came Virtualization
  • Enter Cloud Computing and Cloud Management
  • Cloud Management Software Benefits
  • Cloud Management in Context with Other Cloud Computing Enabling Technologies
  • Description and Comparison of Top Cloud Management Software Providers
  • Recommendations and Conclusion

About the Author of this Cloud Management White Paper:

Carlos Escapa is Managing Director of Qumotech, a strategic IT consultancy in the areas of virtualization and Cloud computing. Prior to Qumotech, Carlos Escapa was Senior Regional Director, Southern Europe at VMware, where he managed VMware’s field operations in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece and grew the business to include 4500 customers and 300 certified channel partners including IBM, HP, Dell and Accenture. Before joining VMware, Escapa held several senior positions at CA Technologies, Sterling Software, Wall Data and VM Software. Escapa holds degrees in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and Illinois State University.