Article published by The Mirror Review, on December 2018.


While using the traditional IT model, a user has to face long waiting times and tedious processes to develop IT resource products like IT infrastructure, databases, networks, and software packages. Moreover, traditional IT model hinders the agility in the go-to-market process of any product. Now, with the combination of cloud technologies and cloud philosophy, the traditional IT model has transformed to a great extent, where the modern IT department works as an enabler of the go-to-market process and innovation within the company. Furthermore, as digital transformation becomes the prime approach to all businesses, cloud computing will also continue to grow with dominance in most of the industries.

The CEO of AbiquoIan Finlay is an experienced leader in cloud computing, helping his clients to build extraordinary cloud services with Abiquo’s software platform. With a proven track record of project delivery, Ian is a master leader in sales growth and stakeholder relations within cloud, hosting, ISP and managed service providers, and corporate B2B markets.

Ian’s Incredible Journey in Leading Abiquo

As a well-versed CIO of a reputed MSP in Europe, Ian purchased and implemented the Abiquo cloud management platform to offer cloud services to his clients. Ian decided to invest in Abiquo because he could see the big potential in it. Since then, the dynamic leader has been working at Abiquo to focus on delivering value to clients. During his vast career, Ian has been fortunate to have worked for some great people with a wonderful group of co-workers.

Ian believes that every interaction with clients, positive as well as negative, can be a useful experience for a passionate leader. Implementing this strategy, the outstanding CEO of Abiquo learned that integrity is the key to gain clients’ trust. According to Ian, a leader should be honest and open about the great qualities of his product. Further, he asserts that a true businessman should have a straightforward attitude towards admitting mistakes, which helps a person to rectify and correct them easily. This is because clients’ value honesty, therefore improving their user experience is the best way to build good client relations.


According to some analysts, Cloud computing will continue having an increasing prevalence as digital transformation becomes the expected approach to all business sectors and, specially, the implementation of multi-cloud strategies in all IT departments


Attractive Cloud Solutions at Abiquo

Headquartered in London, Abiquo is a leading developer of Hybrid Cloud Management solutions. Established in 2006, Abiquo offers the industry’s leading cloud orchestration software for clients, allowing them to quickly build and monetise cloud services across multiple clouds. Additionally, these Hybrid Cloud Management solutions are used to handle private or public cloud infrastructures, adding value to clients’ services through greater efficiency, visibility, simplicity, and control.

Many leading managed service providers have created cloud services based on Abiquo’s software to differentiate their services with integrations to network, storage, and backup solutions. This is because Abiquo’s enhanced simple user interface consists of a familiar drag-and-drop method to deploy VMs. Supported by built-in tutorials, users can get started within minutes with little or no training. Moreover, clients can view monitoring information, onboard their own Amazon and Azure accounts, and even perform VM migrations. All these features are available through Abiquo’s Representational State Transfer (REST) API for endless automation and integration opportunities. In addition to supporting all major hypervisors and public clouds, users can use OpenStack and vCloud Director Infrastructure.

Exceptional Role of CEO in Helping Abiquo Gain Clients’ Trust

Ian is leading the prominent cloud solutions provider company to deliver value to customers and shareholders. He brings unique insight to Abiquo from his previous experience at Claranet, where he held the role of CIO. Currently, Ian is responsible for overall company’s operations, including P and L, sales/pre-sales, marketing and PR, partnerships, and financials. Moreover, while working as a responsible Board member and Director of Abiquo, Ian focuses on key customers, analysts, and investors to help the London-based company develop reputation and trust within its clients.

Expanding Abiquo’s Presence with Powerful Business Strategies

At Abiquo, Ian and his team of dedicated members aim to consolidate its presence in key sectors such as the telecom sector, and key markets like the US and China. To achieve this, Ian and his team work together with Abiquo’s resellers and partners in the growing markets across the world. At the product level, Abiquo have developed a roadmap, which includes new functionalities aimed at turning Abiquo into the best supply chain and control center at the IT and service level. With his tremendous experience, work ethics, skills, knowledge, and personality, Ian strives to keep the cloud solutions provider company ahead of its competitors.

Ian’s Inspiring Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Ian has a deep and broad experience in network technology, enterprise architecture, and the functional domains of OSS/BSS, Finance, and Supply Chain. While stating about overcoming the current business scenario, the vigorous CEO of Abiquo gives his precious advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs, he asserts, “I would recommend not to waste time in getting to know the sector in depth and mostly focus on the really important issues that will solve the current problems of their customers. The cloud, as a concept, opens doors to discuss and bring up requirements of all kinds and only the ones being able to separate the wheat from the chaff, recognise and distinguish the genuine, will meet success within the cloud industry. In the end, the only thing that matters is delivering value to customers.”