Break out of the silo

Since the inception of Docker, developers have been excited with the possibilities it offers for portable applications and scalability. Their business’ IT departments, though, have what looks like another silo and technology to manage.

Abiquo, the leaders in hybrid cloud management, added the ability to manage Docker hosts and enhance their usage with multi-NIC and multi tenant networking and security early in 2015. Now, Abiquo is pleased to announce a new set of features for Docker integration in Abiquo 3.8 to enable companies to productize and commercialize container services to their workgroups.

IT infrastructure experts have been looking for enterprise-class monitoring, policy-based utilization controls and the same kind of anti-affinity configuration that can be used to great effect in hypervisors such as VMware ESX.

What’s coming in Abiquo 3.8

  • Monitor Docker host resources, container resources and application metrics
  • Create alarms based on monitoring information. Compare containers, send a mail based on conditions
  • Improved scheduler/allocator for Docker. Now you can define oversubscription strategies as well as use our anti-affinity functionality to prevent certain containers being deployed to the same Docker host
  • Updated Docker support up to version 1.9

This update follows Abiquo’s strategy of enabling enterprises and service providers to deliver container capabilities as a new technology capability in a data center, providing the same enterprise capabilities that the product offers for virtualization technologies or public cloud. One interface, one API, your choice of physical infrastructure and many integration capabilities.


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