In San Francisco on June 22, 2011 a panel of experts came together to look at issues challenging enterprise cloud adoption.  The GigaOm Structure conference featured many great speakers and was the lollapalooza of cloud events.  Every member of the clouderati was there and all cloud vendors big and small seemed to be exhibiting.

At this who’s who event, Abiquo sponsored a break out session panel moderated by Jo Maitland of, on the topic of ” Addressing the Challenges of Enterprise Clouds.”  The panel featured industry experts including: NetApp Cloud Czar, Val  Bercovici, Director of Deloitte Consulting, Chris Weitz, and Abiquo CEO, Pete Malcolm.


According to the event organizers, the session got rave reviews as being non-vendor focused and really delivering industry insight on the challenges. The ~35  minute session was recorded and can now be seen online.