I hope that if you are here, it’s because you know what Abiquo is. If not, here’s a quick summary based on our  community page:

Abiquo provides an enterprise software solution that enables organizations to leverage their existing virtualized infrastructure to drive a dramatically better quality of service to all key stakeholders, including IT Operations, Application and Development teams, and the CFO/Compliance groups.

Benefits include greater agility, visibility, improved utilization, data protection and predictability of the entire virtualized environment, independent of which hypervisors are used, resulting in a significant improvement in productivity and cost savings for the organization.

But many times there are many technical aspects of our work that are hidden, simply because they haven’t a direct functional or business application. But we are sure they will be interesting for geeks/technical people that want to try things out or simply learn something new.

At other times, we will provide a quick look at features in each release that are very powerful and part of our software but may go unnoticed by many people. Abilities or capacities that we would like to explain to the world.

Abiquo labs is a concept; Abiquo labs is our R+D department. A multidisciplinary team working hard to try and provide the best product for our customers and for the cloud community.

That’s why we have decided to write. We have decided to record videos and we have decided to share technical topics related to Abiquo with everyone.

Abiquo Labs
We hope you will enjoy and learn with us. We hope you will participate and ask for new topics or more details on some specific topics. We will read your comments and we will respond.

Let’s enjoy working together. Welcome to Abiquo labs!