Back in October 2015, KCOM, UK’s leading provider of communications services and IT solutions, and Abiquo entered a partnership to provide hybrid cloud services to KCOM customers on both their own infrastructure and Microsoft Azure, delivering these services through their own Abiquo cloud management platform.

KCOM is one of the oldest communications services companies in the UK and operates with enterprises, helping them making the most of technology to serve their customers better and address other business challenges, National Network Services, providing connectivity-based services to national organisations, and Consumers, helping them choose from their range of voice and broadband services to suit their needs.

In 2015, KCOM selected Abiquo as the preferred Cloud Management Platform for their new Cloud product. Since then, Abiquo and KCOM have further developed KCOM’s cloud services by working on the implementation of the Abiquo platform and Enhancement Packs, together with some custom software development, with the aim of helping KCOM’s customers embrace the power of technology to become more successful.

Through Abiquo’s solution, which is deployed in an HA configuration, KCOM gives its customers management of their virtual infrastructure in KCOM’s datacentres and extends their reach to consume Microsoft Azure public cloud services. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of a handful of official Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers in the UK, KCOM provides all the features and functionalities of Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services, fully supported by their account management and support teams.

“Working together with Abiquo will benefit our customers to have better management and control of Microsoft Azure public cloud services, which in turn will help to maintain and improve our high-quality services in the Cloud Market” said Matt Nash, Product Manager at KCOM.

In addition, Abiquo’s advanced roles and scopes security model provides KCOM’s Resellers with the possibility of purchasing unmanaged VMs from KCOM and adding their own service wrap which includes them allowing their end users to access the Abiquo dashboard.

“KCOM’s commitment to offering hybrid cloud services directly and through resellers puts them in an industry-leading position. Customers benefit from the combination of Abiquo’s capabilities and KCOM’s investment in partnerships and services” said Xavier Fernández, Abiquo’s CTO.

About KCOM

KCOM is one of the UK’s oldest communications services companies. Its solid foundations date back to 1904 when a quirk of history gave Hull and East Yorkshire its own phone company.
KCOM is constantly evolving to help customers create greater value from the way they interact, collaborate and connect with what matters to them.

KCOM operates in three markets:

  • Enterprises: helping organisations make the most of technology to serve customers better and adapt to a faster paced and more competitive environment
  • National Network Services: providing connectivity-based services to national organisations to support their business operations and provide a platform for market differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Hull & East Yorkshire: providing internet-based services, including Lightstream ultrafast broadband, to households and businesses in Hull & East Yorkshire