Imagine you can have a tinny virtual machine with an abiquo middleware exposing its resources to everyone:


  • Reduce vulnerability in grid nodes against out of control processes (they can destroy the virtual machine information). Safer for the user
  • Homogeneous execution environment for all nodes.
  • Add cloud computing benefits to grid computing benefits.

Imagine you can have a light virtual machine (downloadable from the Internet). Easy to install, multiplatform and featuring all abiquo functionalities.

Last Friday, abiquoLabs accomplished this goal. The first prototype of abiquo Platform over a customized virtualized Linux within a VirtualBox and… this box… in Norway.

Why we choose VirtualBox? Basically because we believe VirtualBox is the better end user virtualization solution, easier for final users.

After this.. we are starting to think about different cool solutions and user applications… they will be here soon!