Abiquo Cloud Platform leaps ahead!

Here at Abiquo, our engineering team are a bit modest and have a real desire to help our customers get the most from their Abiquo platform. So, when they release “minor” updates, along with squishing any bugs they add features, often when requested by customers to help them win business or solve a challenge.

Let’s review what was released with 3.6 and the subsequent updates – all links are to our wiki documentation so you can read about the details:

New in Abiquo 3.6

  • Mobility – between data centres and up to compatible public clouds. Move your VM with a couple of clicks!
  • Onboard VDC from Public Cloud – got an existing AWS or Azure account? Bring all the VMs and network, security and loadbalancer config into Abiquo with a click
  • Collectd plugin – push your own custom metrics into Abiquo monitoring with our plugin for this open source tool
  • Metric Dimensions – more detailed metrics help you drill down to individual NIC level. Works for all dimensioned metrics.
  • XenServer Metrics – Monitor VMs on XenServer just like with ESX and KVM
  • ISO feature – upload ISO images, boot from them, attach and detach from VMs
  • Graceful Shutdown – if your hypervisor and guest support it, perform a soft shutdown instead of just a virtual power-off
  • OAuth Improvements – Use OAuth to authenticate other apps to use your Abiquo account
  • User Interface Changes – a bunch of improvements to speed up your usage of Abiquo, delegate more self-management and easier branding
  • Azure Improvements – Better, faster, stronger integration with Azure for true hybrid clouds
  • Hyper-V CSV – Support for clustered shared volumes as hypervisor datastores

New in minor releases