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Abiquo 3.8 adds app blueprints, alarms/alerts, SDN and more

Many business are seeking a simple way to enable their workgroups to be more independent from the IT department while retaining corporate governance and IT control. Abiquo’s new features enable the deployment of complex application templates across different infrastructures, without requiring users to adapt the configuration each time. Once deployed, Abiquo users can set up monitoring, alarms and alerts no matter what the physical platform.

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MSPs – three key issues for your new cloud service

Three considerations when adopting a successful cloud solution   It’s all too easy for a business to jump on the cloud ‘bandwagon’, run ahead and start building a solution because it feels like the right thing to do, or because it’s what competitors have done and...

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MSPs – how to get closer to your customers

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you’ve probably just accepted that your customers will use services from the large public clouds alongside your own. But is there a way for you to actually get closer to your customers whilst they diversify their infrastructure? How can you encourage them to consume as much of your resources as possible, while still providing the freedom they demand?

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7 Reasons Why Innovative Companies Use Cloud Management

Did you know that 77% of companies rely on the cloud for at least an application or a section of their cloud computing infrastructure? Did you also know that companies are increasingly putting money in the cloud? This is according to a Forbes article citing insights...

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Bring Shadow IT into the Light

Shadow IT presents significant threats to enterprise information security and availability that can impact your customers, and in turn affect your revenue. In some cases, customers may leave if you have a sustained outage or loss of client data. Similarly, if end-users who’ve deployed their own cloud apps leave, taking passwords with them, the enterprise can become locked out of their account. If this were to happen, the loss of client data, or more importantly the loss of enterprise data presents a real risk to both reputation and security.

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Abiquo Shortlisted Best Cloud Automation award

Cloud Management specialist Abiquo, has been shortlisted in the 2014-2015 Cloud Awards Program in the category, Best Cloud Automation. The competition was fierce, so for Abiquo to be shortlisted in the Best Cloud Automation category of the 2014-15 Cloud Awards programme is a special honour for us!

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How SMBs can migrate to the cloud – securely

According to a recent Computing survey , 64% of SMBs cited data security as the biggest concern when using and migrating to cloud technologies. This is hardly surprising given the lack of visibility that the cloud presents and that many SMBs have a skills deficit when it comes to the cloud. However, with the promise of reduced costs, increased efficiency and greater agility, businesses need to find a way to alleviate their concerns and take the leap of faith into a cloud architecture.

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The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack – the Abiquo view

Starting in April 2014, Randy Bias wrote an interesting series of blog posts entitled “The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack” in which he made some interesting points about what Enterprises need from a cloud management platform. But if you need to deliver an Enterprise hybrid cloud solution today, maybe there’s another way!

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Abiquo dynamic inventory plugin for Ansible

You might have heard about Ansible recently, but if you haven't, we recommend that you have a look at the Ansible official website. To summarize using Ansible's own description: “Ansible is a radically simple IT orchestration engine that automates configuration...

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