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An open approach to code reviews

One of the key aspects of every software product is the quality of the product itself. This is often measured by taking the number of bugs, performance metrics, the amount of memory needed to run it, and shown to the world in the form of attractive reports and...

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Deploying Abiquo 2.4 with Cobbler

Now that you can download Abiquo and get a 30-day trial license, you may like to automate the deployment of a new datacenter in your Abiquo environment. I'll explain here how to automatically deploy Abiquo using Cobbler. First of all, you need to get Cobbler up and...

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Locking disks on KVM using libvirt-lock-sanlock

When you are managing a huge number of virtual machines with a shared datastore, it could be very dangerous for different virtual machines to access the same disk file or volume. This can lead to data consistency problems, and in a worse case scenario, the loss of all...

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Oxford Capital leads Abiquo funding round

US$5 million growth capital investment positions enterprise cloud management software leader for accelerated commercial growth. Specialist growth capital investor Oxford Capital has led a US$5 million funding round into Abiquo an award-winning enterprise cloud...

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Developing tools with Abiquo API: Event notifier

One of the KEY points of Abiquo is that you can use its API to access ALL resources and actions available from the graphical user interface. This enables us to create an infinite number of external applications that you can integrate with your environment or platform....

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NEC partners with PLDT to deliver Cloud Services

NEC Europe today announced that NEC Corporation has made a partnership agreement with PLDT (Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company), the Philippines’ largest telecom company, to enhance PLDT’s portfolio of cloud services with the launch of its own cloud...

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Polishing the 2013 Crystal Ball

With the coming of the new year we often have time over the break to reflect on the experiences we've had and weigh up the good and the bad lessons from them.  The team at Abiquo have been discussing exactly that, preparing for the year ahead, spending the time to...

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Cooking your own configuration in the cloud

Although configuration is one of the most important aspects of cloud deployment, it is often neglected. There are several automation tools and platforms available, such as Opscode Chef or Puppet, but a minimal infrastructure is usually required to be able to use them....

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We are the (cloud) champions

Abiquo has been named as a cloud computing champion in a recent assessment of the top global cloud management services by Info-Tech. Info-Tech is an independent global leader in providing IT research and advice on the best IT solutions out there.  Abiquo was credited...

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Rocking the cloud at VMworld

Last week we showcased Abiquo at VMworld in Barcelona. The event was a great opportunity for everyone in the industry to come together in the name of cloud. The Abiquo stand was a success receiving lots of visitors. Many were tempted to the stand by our ‘AC/DC’ style...

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Abiquo 2.2 launches this week

This week, Abiquo is launching Abiquo Enterprise Edition 2.2, our most enhanced cloud software platform to date; but what does it all mean for businesses considering a cloud platform or for those currently using Abiquo? As Abiquo's customers extend their deployments...

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Abiquo 2.0 from 1000 feet

Would you like to know how a cloud management platform is built? What is its architecture? What modules and technologies are used to build the platform and for intra-platform communications? Last year we had to face some serious scalability and robustness issues with...

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Abiquo 2.2 Nexenta Plugin

We are pleased to announce that our new Abiquo 2.2 release includes a new integration with Nexenta Storage. With this integration, the engineering team has resolved a long-term technical debt. Abiquo's external storage capabilities can be enabled in two different...

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Abiquo 2.2 – Administration scope

Perhaps you have your Abiquo cloud platform deployed across continents and each of your regions has their own IT team to manage the infrastructure. Maybe your MSP follows a model where an account manager is responsible for a set of enterprises only. Or maybe your...

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The jclouds way

One of the main goals of the cloud, and in particular IaaS, is to automate the deployment of infrastructure resources, such as compute, storage and networking. Although this automation may be through the consoles of different providers, it should be flexible enough to...

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Abiquo API Versioning

Here at Abiquo we just released our 2.0-GA version. And among many improvements and goodies we released our API. From the beginning, we have always wanted to stick to RESTFul principles of design. We all agreed that RESTFul APIs when done well are simple to use and...

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Abiquo Chef Integration: Building a template

When we finished our Chef integration, we wanted to give our users a template that was ready to use with Abiquo. Creating the template was a bit more painful than I expected at the start. ntp One thing we omitted in the first version was the time sync. If the...

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