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The appliance manager

In order to understand one of our new cool features, we include a short presentation to understand the concept. In next weeks we will publish our own public appliance repository. If you are an appliance provider or a software company that want to distribute your...

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Abiquo 0.7.0 has been released

We are glad to announce the release of a new version (0.7) of the abiquo project, an open source cloud platform manager which allows to easily deploy a cloud computing infrastructure over organizations' datacenters. Organizations can create, manage and scale complext...

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Abiquo Forum is Enabled

Today we wish to announce the opening of  the Abiquo forum. Since we released the first version of the Abiquo platform, many people have sent many questions.  Basic or advanced questions. We think that it's important to share this information with everybody, to...

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Support for VMware, Xen and KVM in Abiquo

It has been a week now since we released our open source version of Abiquo. We are totally thrilled with the response of the community. We did not expect that the platform could be downloaded all around the world so fast, and we are starting to get some very good...

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Abiquo Released

As many of you will know Cloud Computing Technology allows customers access to large, and increasing, numbers of on-demand resources. This enables them to acquire great processing power and storage without large investments in hardware; resulting in significant cost...

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Abiquo Visits the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Last wednesday we had the chance to visit the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, where the supercomputer MareNostrum is hosted. It's one of the most powerful supercomputer in Europe and the number 40 in the world, according to the last Top500 list.  MareNostrum has...

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Abiquo at the WebhostingDay in Cologne

Tomorrow March 18th and 19th I will be at the Webhosting Day in Cologne, Germany. As one of the major events in Europe about hosting technologies, they will offer an adequate setting for the first CloudCamp Europe. The list of speakers is really brilliant and I hope...

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We are looking forward introducing our cloud platform; it will allow users to manage their public or private datacenter with ease, adding cloud computing functionalities. This group of videos will give you a taste of what is to come.

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First Abiquo Developer Day

Last Saturday we hosted our first abiquo developer day. It was a very good tech morning :). First of all, Diego spoke about abiquo in a conference call. Xavi introduced the abiquo distributed platform and, after this, the main artists, Enric Ruiz and Albert Puig...

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Abiquo for the Internet Service Provider

This presentation aims to explain abiquo in a way that is focused for Internet Services Providers.abiCloud in 10 slides View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: source open) Abiquo is a set of tools that will help companies use their IT resources in a...

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Abiquo: The Cloud Computing Platform

If a Cloud is not a Grid where does abiquo fit? Abiquo is taken from the Ubiquity definition, and regarding cloud computing the keys are abstraction and availability, so yes we do fit! We strongly believe that a standard is necessary, a belief backed by many cloud...

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NEOTEC grant awarded

Just a brief post to announce that we have been awarded with the NEOTEC grant. It's a significant step in Spain, which will allow us to boost our operations. Expect interesting movements made by us in the next weeks 🙂

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