Last week we showcased Abiquo at VMworld in Barcelona. The event was a great opportunity for everyone in the industry to come together in the name of cloud. The Abiquo stand was a success receiving lots of visitors. Many were tempted to the stand by our ‘AC/DC’ style T-shirts which were hugely popular- we know what we’ll be taking with us next year!

To get to know customers of Abiquo better we held a drinks reception with a twist. We hired a yacht and set sail for a two hour cruise with Barcelona as our backdrop, it was great to see our customers and prospects having such a relaxed evening.

As well as introducing ourselves and having a great time, we got down to business and conducted a survey at VMworld where we made some intriguing discoveries.

After interviewing 68 industry professionals we found that out of 75% of  delegates questioned, who stated that their company offered private, public or hybrid cloud services to customers just 15% of these provide a self- service interface.  A self- service interface for the provision of services is a key component of any cloud strategy! Customers were also seen to have to wait for a long time to bring their cloud services online, with the average being three days as a standard waiting time for requests to deliver a new service in the cloud. Just 15% of those questioned committed to providing their cloud services to customers within three hours. We have to face the facts- technology has moved on and how we provide it has to move with it in order for cloud to reach its full potential. The delivery of a private Cloud has numerous benefits, at the very basic level it can be the delivery of a more efficient infrastructure….but its more…much more if the ultimate consumer of the services in the Cloud and be provided with great services in faster timeframes. The days of IT services built by engineers for engineers are gone- we can see that in every aspect of technology today. It is time to adopt a different mindset and put the power of IT in the hands of users, only this way will the full potential of cloud be realised.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the VMworld activities and look forward to being there again next year. Thanks to all the Abiquo team for making this year a success.