It has been a week now since we released our open source version of Abiquo. We are totally thrilled with the response of the community. We did not expect that the platform could be downloaded all around the world so fast, and we are starting to get some very good feedback from the people.

One of the recurrent requests are support for VMware and Xen virtualization technologies. The good news are yes, we do support VMware ESX & ESXi, Xen and KVM. And now the not-so-good news, you will have to wait a little bit to download the plugins.

We are a startup and resources are scarce, so the testing and validation of the product is taking longer than expected. No big deal, but both plugins are targeted for enterprise customers, and they have to be reliable and stable to the max.

So, if you are planning to create a Cloud Computing environment with Abiquo using VMware, Xen or KVM virtualization technologies instead or VirtualBox, drop me an email at dparrilla [AT] abiquo .com .