Abiquo anyCloud allows public cloud users to integrate and manage public cloud services Amazon EC2 and Rackspace from a single console.

Rackspace is the first OpenStack implementation and further public cloud integration is planned, with support for all major public clouds to be released in the coming months. Abiquo anyCloud users can expect a continual addition of new features; in particular reporting and auditing capabilities which will allows users to monitor and control usage across their public cloud infrastructure.

Other features include:

– Greater insight: Users are able to deploy and import Amazon instances to gain visibility of public cloud environment

– Workflow controls: Set email alerts and approval notifications for new deployments

– Secure user access: Users can create multiple, secure user accounts in Abiquo anyCloud for a single Amazon account and create different roles and scopes for each user account.

– Business intelligence: Broad reporting tools and access to a full and informative audit trail