A key characteristic of a cloud solution is self-service – allowing the cloud consumer to provision their computing capabilities without the intervention of an administrator. Many IT administrators will shudder at the thought of providing the user with a full self service experience.

Abiquo helps here by providing self service to the cloud consumers, whilst allowing the cloud administrator, or infrastructure owner to remain in complete control. Abiquo’s controlled self service is delivered through several different features:

1. The Cloud administrator controls which logical pools of private resource (Abiquo data centers), or public cloud regions any tenant (Abiquo enterprise) can use

2. The cloud administrator sets resource limits to control how much resource a tenant can use in any one datacenter. 

3. The cloud administrator defines allocation rules, so that when a consumer deploys through self service the administrator has control over where the workload is provisioned and how the infrastructure is utilised.

4. Finally how the consumers self service capabilities are controlled by over 56 separate privileges (that can be grouped into roles), that define what information can be viewed in the Abiquo UI, and what tasks the user can perform. By configuring roles the  cloud administrator can delegate as much (or as little) self-service as required.

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