Since humans have been here on Earth, disruptive innovation has helped evolution. Fire, the wheel, the steam engine… Each period has had a disruptive invention that has helped humanity to change.

Let’s illustrate that with an example. Humans used candles at home and on the streets and those evolved to add containers, accessories…and after much research humans invented electricity and how to distribute it. A disruptive innovation that definitely changed habits in human lives.

Abiquo and innovative disruption

Let’s jump to industry. Digital nomads are changing the industry with disruptive innovation too. I remember the music industry, where big players such as EMI and Sony experienced how a small digital company like Napster could change our music habits, the same we are experiencing nowadays with Spotify. Personally, I am happy to pay $10/month and consume any kind of music I want. I can discover new music and new bands every day. The same happens in the taxi market with Uber. Traditional companies that maybe you don’t remember anymore, such as Kodak, and how they decided not to enter the digital cameras market for fear of cannibalizing their own revenue, even though had the ability to do it, or Blockbuster, which underestimated the power of a small digital company called Netflix.

Every market has its own Uber, its own Netflix. Any sector, from small fintech companies, eHealth or eInsurance companies, has new entrants who maybe nowadays have a tiny proportion of the market share of any big player in the market. I guarantee in this post that in only a short period of time from now these small digital nomads are going to surpass the big ones, in number of users, in innovation and in revenues!

And this is about Cloud, this is about having the capacity to start small, think disruptive and grow. And the unique way that big sharks have to protect its space is to play the same game, transform their old IT operations and enter a new space.

There are theories that say that companies who refuse to invest in AI and Big data in the next 5 years are doomed. And, again, cloud is the perfect enabler.

And this is the scenario where Abiquo has decided to help. Abiquo is here to help companies (small, big ones or complex ones) to the transition to the cloud by putting the existing IT resources in the same pane of glass and enabling enterprises to incorporate hyper-scale clouds, thus, helping them to move to the cloud. Because it is there where the battle to be the next unicorn, the next reference in any market, will be held.