Cadmium, Abiquo’s New Multicloud Management Experience

Abiquo version 5 includes our new Cadmium User Interface, offering more intuitive navigation for users and administrators, easier access to critical information about your clouds and a fresh new look.

What’s in the new Cadmium UI



Information, not just data

New graphical and tabular presentations simplify data and show consumption, performance and billing information in a clearer, more powerful way, helping you to gain a better understanding of relevant information at a glance.

Cadmium, Abiquo’s New UI
Abiquo Dashboard - Hybrid tab

Better results with less effort

We’ve updated our menu structure with a new expanding side bar, giving you more workspace and larger representations of cloud elements with additional information shown without the need to drill-down. You’ll benefit from more intuitive navigation through Abiquo’s rich features.

The improvements within all key design elements makes it significantly easier for users to identify functionalities and processes, helping them to become productive much faster. For example, we’ve made sure that related functions are grouped together, with clearer identification of operations which can affect data.

Make your brand stand out

As before, Abiquo can be white labelled for your brands – and even run multiple brands on one platform! New colors and icons in combination with a new set of design rules for a consistent appearance and ease of use.

Create Virtual Machine

How to get Abiquo 5.0 and Cadmium

Existing customers may upgrade to the latest Abiquo user interface along with new features included in the latest release. Check our wiki for upgrade instructions.

If you would like a demo of the new features and user experience, contact us today!