Abiquo Cloud Storage Options

Cloud Storage with Abiquo

Abiquo’s hybrid cloud software gives your cloud platform customers a number of ways to configure and consume cloud storage – all of which are metered and limited to give you full control.

When a Virtual Machine is initially deployed, it will consume space on a hypervisor datastore, which can either be on a local disk to the hypervisor physical machine, or on some remote storage as your chosen hypervisor allows.

If desired (and of course if the user has the appropriate privileges) the VM’s boot disk can be moved to external storage, on a SAN with LVM, iSCSI or NFS. Just as with datastores, this external storage can be divided into tiers and restricted to tenant groups, so enabling you to offer different service levels to different customers.

For secondary disks, Abiquo gives you the choice between extra disks on a datastore or a facility called External Storage Volumes, which are secondary hard disk images located on an external storage (SAN) tier. These volumes may be attached to any VM in the customer’s Virtual Datacenter, and can be moved between VMs too. They are not deleted when the VM is undeployed (deleted).

Secondary hard disks for a virtual machine may also be created on hypervisor datastores. However, unlike External Storage volumes, these volumes are not persistent. They are deleted from the hypervisor datastore when the virtual machine is undeployed.