Hybrid cloud management for enterprises


Your business has many challenges that the IT organisation is tasked to resolve. Nowadays, the business demands speedier services, lower costs, increased reliability, greater flexibility and elastic scalability. The problem though is that these requests all conflict with the things that traditionally the IT organisation is tasked with delivering; security and compliance; management oversight, service allocation and budgeting, access management, control, monitoring and governance. Put simply, your business and application development teams want to exploit the ‘promise’ of cloud enabled services and become an agile, empowered enterprise by acquiring IT services simply and instantly themselves – without getting your IT organisation involved for every task – by ‘browsing’ through a catalogue of business ready services. But the IT team knows it must remain in control of the infrastructure, services and information systems that are used.
Cadmium, Abiquo’s New UI
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Open Approach

Abiquo’s open, technology agnostic approach is crucial for managing your cloud resources. Not only does this approach ensure that Abiquo can be integrated with your existing compute, storage, networking, and workflow technologies, it empowers you to capitalise on evolving cloud technologies and bring services to market faster.

In addition it also ensures that your business is agile enough to migrate to alternative technologies and services as and when needed.

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The evolving data center

Right now, your Data Center infrastructure and operations are evolving and your business is no longer satisfied with simply running application services on virtualised infrastructure. Rather, it wants to optimize the way that your IT team delivers services for the rest of your business. Entirely automated, from deploying virtual machines, creating and attaching storage volumes, through managing IP addresses, firewalls, loadbalancers and VLANs, Abiquo does it all for you, according to predefined business and operational policies to ensure absolute control of applications, services and resources available across the enterprise.

The Abiquo platform helps you deliver on the promises of Cloud computing with improved agility, simplicity and self-service provisioning, but also recognises that you will have investments in existing process, procedures and workflow. Abiquo’s flexibility means that it can integrate with your business workflow tools, to create a fully featured self service model which still delivers the business controls you need. As your cloud deployment matures the Abiquo configuration can easily be changed to integrate with your new processes. Support for DevOps is built in, with a comprehensive API which works for all infrastructure types.

The Hybrid Cloud Challenge

Your organisation is probably already considering, or using, public cloud services from providers such as Amazon, Azure, Rackspace and HP. Your challenge will be to to control the usage and costs of public cloud across your business, while still keeping the flexibility you get from it. Abiquo helps you to adopt public cloud services in a structured way by placing policies, controls and processes around the access to and consumption of resources, just as though they were part of your physical infrastructure. All the links to other systems that you build for your private clouds will still work when you extent to public cloud too!

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A single pane of glass to manage all your clouds

The Abiquo cloud management platform provides the controls you need if you are:

  • Seeking management and control over multiple clouds from one, easy to use interface.
  • Concerned about “rogue” use of the public cloud that is not compliant with policy.
  • Developing in-house applications that are suitable for public cloud infrastructure.
  • Building or migrating commercial Software as a Service applications to the public cloud.

The Abiquo platform provides you with a “single pane of glass” that puts you in control of your cloud platforms by :

  • Simplifying the user experience by with a single, unified user interface, no matter what the underlying technology/service is
  • Managing the access, consumption and security controls of the underlying technology or service
  • Providing full data and access logging to satisfy governance and compliance reporting
  • Ensuring the management of financial budgets across multiple public clouds

Future proof IT

Abiquo’s open integration approach and extensive API ensures that technology decisions made today don’t become roadblocks and headaches in the future.

If another technology vendor offers an underlying technology or service provider changes their terms, Abiquo ensures that the business has the agility to migrate with as little effort as possible.