Abiquo 4.7 is here!

Get to know our latest major release that includes exciting improvements such as budget control for public cloud allowing users to have full control over public cloud bills, add storage to public cloud and new extended billing dashboard.

Read on and get to know how Abiquo’s latest version can lead your company and clients to a greater multicloud experience!

Budget control

Getting control of the spending of your cloud resources is crucial when working in a multicloud environment.

Abiquo makes it MUCH EASIER for administrators to create custom budgets and run specific action plans when costs exceed a certain threshold. Get to know how Abiquo can help save money on your cloud bills!

You will find several options to configure your own customized budgets and apply them to the enterprises you want.

Abiquo has created the best way for you to be have FULL CONTROL of your budget expenses and apply the required actions when they exceed the limits established!

New Hybrid Cloud Billing Dashboard Improvements

Is your cloud platform missing a way to show ALL your providers billing information? No worries anymore!

Now with Abiquo 4.7 you will be able to display all your providers’ billing information in a single chart for better breakdown of costs and services, ALL in a single view.

You can also benefit from displaying the information in different charts for an easier visualization of provider costs and services!

Get to know all the info on our wiki site.

Public Cloud Storage

Public Cloud Storage for Amazon and Azure NOW AVAILABLE!

Additional disks for VMs in Amazon and Azure: Abiquo can now create and attach additional disks, and onboard existing disks when synchronising with public cloud regions.