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Public Clouds



Many organizations are looking to control the usage and costs of public cloud across the business. Abiquo empowers business to capitalise and adopt public cloud services by placing policies, controls and processes around the access to and consumption of resources, just as though they were part of their physical infrastructure.

Abiquo’s open architecture and rich API interfaces mean that integration with 3rd party technologies simply becomes a case of justifying the business case. We understand that you don’t want to just build a Cloud, but you need to operate your Cloud with the technologies that you have already invested in.

Abiquo has already opened discussions with a number of complementary technology vendors with a view towards integrating and extending the management functionality provided by each respective technology into the Abiquo platform.

cloud_public_iconSolving the concerns in using public cloud

The Abiquo cloud management platform provides the controls you need if you are:

– Seeking management and control over multiple clouds from one, easy to use interface.
– Concerned about “rogue” use of the public cloud that is not compliant with policy.
– Developing in-house applications that are suitable for public cloud infrastructure.
– Building or migrating commercial Software as a Service applications to the public cloud

The Abiquo platform provides you with a “single pane of glass” that puts you in control of your cloud platforms by :

– Simplifying the user experience by with a single, unified user interface, no matter what the underlying technology/service is
– Managing the access, consumption and security controls of the underlying technology or service
– Providing full data and access logging to satisfy governance and compliance reporting
– Ensuring the management of financial budgets across multiple public clouds