Cloud solutions for Service Providers & Telcos


Abiquo’s technology effectively removes the barriers in building, deploying and operating the cloud infrastructure. It is one of the only truly vendor agnostic offerings on the market, giving complete plug-and-play capability to end users. Abiquo’s award-winning, purpose built Cloud Management solution helps customers to build, operate and deliver their virtual datacenter and public cloud, integrated with their existing technologies, quickly and simple to monetise. If you are a Service Provider or a Solution provider the Abiquo Partnership Program offers you a real opportunity to offer solutions that meets the needs of the customer, one that dramatically reduces the cost of entry to the cloud. In essence, you can offer your customer flexibility and choice with our technology agnostic solution. This unique feature to our software sets us apart from our competitors and we believe that in this day and age technology should not be a barrier to entry nor allow vendor lock-ins to restrict your business potential.

Abiquo Dashboard - Hybrid tab

Service Providers have a great position to offer cloud services to their SMB and large enterprise customers, and win from cloud service, cloud brokerage and networks. Cloud computing services, platforms and infrastructure can benefit service providers, while taking challenges like security and performance to differentiate themselves and reduce operation costs. With the growth of cloud computing and business digitization in the last years, Telecom service providers have to consider the alternative to acquire and deliver the IT services demanded by their customers. Networks are a strategic asset capable of driving incremental revenue and increased profitability to Telcos and, in order to get the most of it, cloud computing services model has an advantage for service providers over their current enterprise IT models. With a cloud computing services model, Telcos can add value by redefining their roles and expand beyond connectivity and provide web-based services. At this point, service providers can benefit from offering reliable, comprehensive and secure cloud services.

Cadmium, Abiquo’s New UI

What Abiquo offers Service Providers

  • Controls to allocate specific resources to specific customers
  • Pricing and Billing Engine with multi-currency support
  • Enables low cost and “fast-track” implementations
  • Deliver attractive and compelling services to speed the onboarding of new customers
  • Offer tiered solutions to meet customer needs, at different price points
  • Complete multi-layered white labelling facility
  • Fully Customisable, award winning Self-Service Portal
  • Vendor Agnostic – Supporting all leading Compute, Storage and Networking Solutions
  • Full API & Scripting control for integration and customization

Abiquo enables its partners to build and deliver reliable, scalable, elastic Cloud Solutions that your customers demand, enabling them to consume these services quickly and easily. Abiquo has helped its partners worldwide to build award winning cloud solutions including Claranet, one of Europe’s leading managed service providers.

The Public Cloud Challenge

It’s almost certain that your Enterprise customers will be asking you about using Public Cloud providers – and if they’re not, they’re probably asking someone else, or using it already! Abiquo can help you to be a single, trusted supplier of all their cloud services, by blending Public and dedicated clouds into a single service offering. The Abiquo cloud management platform provides the controls you need to provide a blended cloud service that: – Gives your customers management and control over multiple clouds from one, easy to use interface – Addresses your customers’ concerns about “rogue” use of the public cloud – Leverages your investment in systems such as billing, service management and inventory – Stops your customers going elsewhere for their cloud services

Service Providers using Abiquo